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In France, since 2008, Home Staging has developed and is today a real selling point. Indeed, this technique is a solution to attract customers and better sell his apartment or house. It is above all to put all the assets on its side.
It should not be confused this technique and the interior decoration but it is to attract the attention of the potential purchaser.

You must know that a buyer makes his decision in the first 90 seconds of the visit. That's why he has to return not to your home but potentially to his home.
The Home Staging will make it possible to feel a positive and reassuring climate to the customer.
In addition to helping the customer to project, it will simply revive your property on the market. Thanks to Home Staging, the photos of your property on the site or in the window of the agency will have more impact with future buyers.
Implementing Home Staging can take time and energy.

Important point : focus on the valuation of your property in order to sell better and faster.

Step 1 > I depersonalize

First of all, you have to put yourself in the shoes of buyer potential. If it enters a busy space, personalized and undeveloped, it will not succeed in projecting itself. It is often difficult to step back and realize that our tastes may not be everyone's. When a client comes in, he must feel at home in a few seconds. A tidy interior space will visually expand volumes and clear perspectives.


A simple and refined decoration will always allow the future purchasers to project themselves more easily. Storing some of your decorative objects in cardboard boxes in the basement or concealing them in design baskets will move you forward in your move and will allow you to depersonalize your property while letting the potential buyer project with his own tastes. Each property has potential but it is not necessarily exploited as it should.
A tidy house allows to see more clearly and especially to gain space.

Important point : the perspectives of the space emerge more easily when the interior is tidy and orderly.

Step 2 > I repare

Assume that home is not home. You do not have the same way of life or the same tastes.
We must therefore remove multifunctional parts, replace accessories too marked (eg WC flaps, shower curtain) by small prices without special connotations.
The buyer will appreciate and retain the priority volume and not your decoration.


In everyday life we get used to the faults of our interior until we forget them. But they will surely attract the eyes of future buyers. But they will surely attract the eyes of future buyers. It is therefore important to analyze each piece thoroughly. Of course, we do not recommend rebuilding or demolishing walls, but only to avoid triggering a negative bias of the visitor.
So just correct the main flaws: traces on baseboards, holes in the wall, cracks, old shower curtains...

Important point : the colors of your walls. It is very difficult to know what color to apply on its walls and where to apply it.
Whatever the quality and strengths of your property, we must favor soft and light tones (white, beige, light gray) on the walls.

Step 3 > I landscape

To set up your property is to prepare it for sale. Thanks to your real estate agent, fishing for information should be facilitated.
He will be able to draw you the profile of the purchaser according to for example the number of rooms of your good, the floor, with or without elevator, the proximity of the schools, its price...
You will then know whether to prefer the shower to the bath, turn a storage room into a real room for the baby, prefer to turn a ground floor office into a room for seniors, visually expand the living space for a big family.


Important point : think about understanding the profile of the buyer and get the most information about him to seduce him.
His status (young couple with baby, fifties, first-time buyer, with or without children), his expectations, his motivations, his tastes and his colors...

Step 4 > I decorate

After having carried out the first 3 steps (depersonalize, repair, arrange) you still have the decoration.
In reality, you can not decorate your apartment or house as you wish.
We must take into account the current trend to catch the eye of future buyers. You can stay on a clean and simple decoration or adopt a new style.

For example :

- HYGGE is a cool attitude that refers to the quintessence of a lifestyle that could be summarized as :
We are better at home, a cup of hot drink under a plaid and cozy socks.
That's the secret of the Danes. It is a way of being that does not require money or special knowledge.
To adopt the Scandinavian style just adopt these points: priority comfort, light colors, matte and bright for walls, simple and functional objects.


- Brass :
Copper and gold make room with brushed brass. Appreciated for its old, chic and classic side, it creates a perfect alliance with a contemporary decor. If your interior lacks light and you want to wake up, opt for brass accessories that will give your decor a touch of flair. Reflector of light, it brings shine and brightness and warms the room by creating points of light. So if you are thinking about changing faucets, curtain rods, handles and light fixtures: brass is the answer. With this material, you have to go beyond the industrial aspect and use it as a punctuation in the decor.
On bowls, tables, shelves, lamps and vases, brass invades the entire interior space.
This will instantly give your interior a chic look by mixing old and new.

Step 5 > Our 3D modeling

Discover our 3D models. They allow the highlighting of your property and are a real selling point for new buyers: before / after 3D, virtual tours, several solutions can be proposed.




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